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522:051004 大学内の郵便局

朝,成蹊大学に郵便を出すため,郵便局に行きました。大学の中に郵便局があります。かなり大きい。国際郵便は9ドルで3〜5 business days で日本に届くそうです。受け付けてくださった女性が,shioの郵便物が日本宛であると見るなり,いきなり片言の日本語で話し始めて驚きました。立川の横田基地で働いていたことがあるそうです。

§ 102. Conditions for patentability; novelty and loss of right to patent
A person shall be entitled to a patent unless—
(a) 略
(b) 略
(c) 略
(d) 略
(e) 略
(f) 略
(1) during the course of an interference conducted under section 135 or section 291, another inventor involved therein establishes, to the extent permitted in section 104, that before such person’s invention thereof the invention was made by such other inventor and not abandoned, suppressed, or concealed, or
(2) before such person’s invention thereof, the invention was made in this country by another inventor who had not abandoned, suppressed, or concealed it. In determining priority of invention under this subsection, there shall be considered not only the respective dates of conception and reduction to practice of the invention, but also the reasonable diligence of one who was first to conceive and last to reduce to practice, from a time prior to conception by the other.


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そういえば、私も2年ほど前〒局のオジサンに、"The Last Samurai"を観たかと訊かれ、「観たよ」と答えたら、暫くお喋りタイムに。(←オイオイ。)


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